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The Napranum Aboriginal Shire Council is the local authority for the Napranum community and Napranum DOGIT (Deed of Grant in Trust) lands covering over 200,000 hectares. The Council was formed in 2005 under the Local Government (Community Government areas) Act 2004.

The Napranum Aboriginal Shire Council includes five elected representatives responsible for setting the Council's strategic direction through relevant planning processes, formulating policies, adopting the annual budget and making decisions to achieve Council goals. The Mayor and Councillors are elected every four years. The next election will be held in 2024.

Councillors are elected to represent the Community, with each Councillor bringing an individual perspective to the decisions Council must make on behalf of the whole community. All Councillors provide a declaration of office that requires them to fulfil the duties of office by acting in good faith and impartially to the best of their judgment and ability and agree to uphold the Council's Code of Conduct.

Ordinary council meetings occur once a month unless an alternative date has been agreed upon.

Information and contact details for each of the Councillors is provided hereElected Representatives:

The role of the Mayor and Councillors is set out in the: Local Government Act 2009

Vision Statement
"Our legacy for Napranum is the creation of a safe, sustainable and culturally vibrant community. "
  • Cultural Wellbeing
  • Healthy, Safe & Resilient Community
  • Young People
  • Land & Environment
  • Economic Development
  • Governance & Leadership
Our Values
  • Local Participation
    The diversity of our community is one of our strengths. We are committed to creating and supporting opportunities for local people.
  • Mutual Respect and Trust
    Building and maintaining positive relationships that are based on mutual respect and trust.
  • Professionalism
    We are acting within the limits of our authority and maintaining a high standard of ethics and integrity.
  • Pride
    We are demonstrating our pride by connecting with the community and celebrating our successes.
  • Listening to Our Community
    Taking time to listen to the people of Napranum to ensure we are working on delivering the programs and services that will make a real difference to people’s lives.
  • Accountability
    We are taking ownership for the decisions and actions that impact our community.
  • Innovation & Continuous Improvement
    We show leadership and encourage new initiatives and a culture of continuous improvement.
Critical Relationships
  • Justice Group
  • Men's Group
  • Housing
  • Women's Group
  • Western Cape College
  • Other Indigenous Councils
  • Corrective Services
  • Apunimpima
  • Queensland Health
  • LGAQ
  • Rio Tinto
  • MyPathways
The Napranum Aboriginal Shire Council has five elected representatives who are responsible for formulating council policies, corporate plan, operational plan, adopting council budget and making decisions to achieve council goals.

The shire is undivided for electoral purposes. Each councillor represents the overall public interest of the whole area, although council has adopted a portfolio management system.

The mayor and councillors are elected by all voters in the shire. Elections are conducted every four years. The last election was held in April 2016, the next one will be held in April 2020.

Councillors provide the most direct form of representation to the community. Each brings an individual perspective to the decisions council must make on behalf of the community. Background information on each of the councillors as well as details for each councillor is provided on the Elected Representatives page.

Acceptance of the duties and responsibilities of the Mayor and councillors are signified by their declaration of office. This declaration requires the elected members to fulfil the duties of office by acting faithfully and impartially to the best of their judgment and ability and to agree to uphold the council code of conduct. In addition councillors are required to complete a set of forms on councillor interest.

To represent the community effectively councillors are required to attend ordinary monthly council meetings and any other special meeting and to vote on all matters that require a decision or abstain from taking part in the discussions and voting on issues where they have conflict of interest. The role of the councillors and the Mayor is set out in the Local Government Act 2009.

Council authority is exercised as a whole, with decisions being made by the council in the best interest of the community. In this regard the Act provides guidance to the Mayor and councillors on what their roles and responsibilities are and the code of conduct expected of them to observe. The code of conduct provides for penalties ranging from reprimand to disqualification from office. All these are intended to safeguard against the misuse, abuse and miscarriage of power and authority by the elected members.

Ordinary council meeting takes place once a month; unless an alternative date has been agreed to. Meetings are generally held in the council chambers in Napranum.
Vision Statement
"Our legacy is the creation of a sustainable community… based on choice, trust and respect!"
Healthy & Safe Community with Strong Relationships
Skilled and Educated Community
Strong Cultural Wellbeing
Economic Progressive & Prosperous Community
Council Motto
“We have planted a seed of hope for Napranum” “There is hope for the future. Together we can make a difference… hand in hand” BUILD! Point to the sun…
Accountability All our actions are transparent, seen, felt and heard.
Community Engagement Listening and hearing with mutual respect… creating a sense of belonging.
Fairness Community in unity and focused effort.
Working Together A 1000 ‘deadly’ voices singing the same song.
Ownership We take responsibility to create a community that belongs to us
Council Goals
Social Welfare
Economic Development
Empowered Workforce
Succession Planning for Local Government
High Functioning Events Committee
Updated Five Year Plan
Jobs for Our Future
Community Watch Program
Strong Traditional Owner Relationships
Revised Alcohol Management Plan
Updated Operational Plan
Current Projects


Council have received $900K from WCCCA to upgrade the PCYC – Due for Completion in May 2017. Council have received $300K from Building our Regions to upgrade the outdoor area of the PCYC – This work will commence early next year.

Boat Ramp

Council have received $700K to upgrade the Napranum Boat Ramp – Due for Completion Late 2017.

Foreshore and Access Road

Council have received $3.7M to develop the foreshore. Design work has commenced due for completion late 2018.

Cultural Camp at Bouchat

Council have received $10K funding and will contribute $10K for cultural camp next year – Events Committee will work with Stephen Hall and Andrewina Hudson to develop program.

Clean up of Waste Dump

Council undertaking Clean up of Waste Dump and relinquishment of permit –estimated cost $140K

Breakfast program

Council working with Prime Minister and Cabinet and My Pathways to commence breakfast program for school students.

Future Projects

Development of 5 Year Corporate Plan
Council to engage with Community to develop new 5 Year Corporate plan.

 Community Oval
Council would like to upgrade the Community oval.

Development of the Commercial Centre
Council are currently finalising services at the Commercial ring road.  Lots should be available for lease by early 2017.

Napranum School
Council are currently working with Western Cape College and Lighthouse Christian College to build a Prep to 3 school in Napranum.

Carbon Abatement Project
Tender closed – Consultation with Traditional owner groups and Mokwiri to occur prior to proceeding.

Bike Path
Council to apply for funding for a bike path from Napranum to Weipa.

Water Treatment Plant
Council have applied for funding to upgrade the water and sewerage systems.

Upgrade of Ruchook Grounds
Council have applied for $100K from WCCCA Community Grants Program Council hope to set up a Community grants program to provide opportunities for local groups/individuals to apply for small amounts of funding to support activities that will benefit the Community

Projects identified by Community Members
Napranum swimming Pool
Move War Memorial to original area (near Madua Residence top end)

Critical Relationships
Corrective Services
Western Cape College
Justice Group
Men's Group
Women's Group
Queensland Health
Rio Tinto
Other Indigenous Councils