Visitor Information

Visitor Information
Approximately 986 people (at June 2011)

Western coast of Cape York 13 km from Weipa

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Groups
Alngith peoples and a significant number of Napranum people came originally from Coen, Mapoon, Aurukun and other communities.

Alcohol Management Plan
An Alcohol Management Plan commenced in Napranum on 9 June 2003.  Napranum has a zero alcohol carriage limit. This means no alcohol, home brew or home brew equipment is allowed in Napranum.

TWAL Council of Elders
Local Justice Group Chair — Mary Ann Coconut
Co-ordinator — Duri Davui

Napranum has a clinic and preschool. There is a camping ground for visitors. Evans Landing, a twenty minute drive from Napranum has a cultural centre.